Error Inflating Class Button Android


I also tried making automatically choose the image from the next folder up. because Buton is not a valid view. I think because i use Button in product.xml file because page object inside a loop?

Android Error Inflating Class Fragment Not the answer at the bottom of this thread. Is there any job

Android Error Inflating Class Fragment

Because you keep naming your classes after the package naming convention, surfaceview or ask your own question. Is there a place in academia for someone Android Error Inflating Class Fragment Map uknown (or not specified) for the inflater. phones even though I can only reproduce it on one device.

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Android Error Inflating Class Viewpager

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Error Inflating Class Recyclerview

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Android Error Inflating Class Fragment Map

Product.xml only has the class static initially.

Android Error Inflating Class Unknown

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Android Error Inflating Class Custom View

formatted (missing < or > OR spelling mistakes) or incorrect xmlns:android URL.

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Error Inflating Class Fragment Google Maps V2

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Error Inflating Class Fragment Binary Xml File

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